ACA focuses heavily on the quality of staff we employ and ensure that we provide opportunities for them to grow with us. Our staff has a vast variety of experience within the aviation industry and beyond. This depth of knowledge allows ACA to provide clients with a well-rounded service that understands their needs and offers a proactive approach to coordination.

ACA’s Management Team

Petra Popovac- Chief Executive Officer
Petra was appointed as CEO in January 2015. Petra has spent 15 years working for ACA in various roles covering slot coordination, on time performance monitoring, international slot policy and training. She has also worked alongside IATA to provide slot training. Petra is committed to improving the slot process globally by working on committees and boards within the industry. She has a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and continuing to build a strong and experienced team.

Finbar Whelan- Director of Coordination- Ireland
Finbar joined ACA in April 2018 and is responsible for the coordination portfolio of our Irish company. He has over 25 years aviation experience in Ireland, working for Aer Lingus in stand planning, route development and scheduling. He has an intricate knowledge of the European aviation environment and slot policy. Finbar is passionately committed to the growth and diversification of the Irish aviation community and to our stakeholders in Europe.

Craig McAlister- Vice President International Coordination
Craig joined ACA in November 2015 and is responsible for the International coordination portfolio. Craig has extensive airline experience with over 18 years working at a number of globally recognised airlines. He brings a wealth of knowledge in airline scheduling and route development, along with extensive systems interface and implementation experience. Craig is committed to continual process improvement to achieve the best outcomes for our customers.

Claudia Guth- National Operations and Relationship Manager
Claudia returned to work at ACA back in 2019.

Thomas Parsons- Manager Coordination
Thomas joined ACA in September 2015. Thomas has experience as an aviation analyst and specialises in Middle Eastern and Asian markets. He is involved in the organisation of the slot coordination and operational efficiency of the Hajj and Umrah seasons in Saudi Arabia. Tom uses his passion and knowledge of Middle Eastern ideology to provide bespoke services to our customers.