Slot and Infrastructure Management Training:

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ACA is pleased to announce the launch of the ACA Learning Center. ACA will provide slot and airport infrastructure management training courses in an online format. The training is tailored into four streams that deliver specific content for Coordinators, Airlines, Airports and Regulators.

The course content is covered in modules that allow you to learn at your own speed and time, at home or in the workplace at an affordable rate. The course work is supported by live webinars and forums that allow students to ask questions, receive feedback and discuss specific sections of the training with experts in the field.

There will be a 15% discount for all expressions of interest during the conference.

Examples of the course content include:

  • Slot Basics
  • SSIM Basics
  • The IATA Calendar of Events
  • Coordinating a New Season
  • Handback and Beyond
  • How Constraints Function
  • How to Determine Airport Capacity and IATA Airport Level Changes
  • Stand and Check-in Planning
  • Bussing and Towing in the Planning Phase
  • CBP Planning
  • Slot Sanctions, Slot Performance and Coordination Committees
  • Slot Swopping and Secondary Slot Trading

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